Expat Living and Retirement in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is included in the 10 best places to retire in Asia considering the cost of living, weather and medical care.

Since the 1800s … Hua Hin has been luring expats from the west with its low cost of living, great weather, rich history and culture

With a mix of traditional Thailand alongside malls, multinational grocery and department stores and other trappings of modern living.

The biggest advantage of retirement in Hua Hin is the low cost of living and affordable health care.

Hua Hin has good year-round weather and a large foreign community, A retiree can afford a high standard of living, including days on one of the 9 golf courses and regular dinners out at first-class restaurants, on a modest budget. 

The standard of medical care is good with major hospitals in town and you’re less than three hours from Bangkok, which boasts some of the region’s top hospitals.

The large foreign community connects through social clubs, festivals, cycling clubs, soccer leagues, wine tastings and cultural events

High speed internet and media streaming is fully serviced along with online shopping and “E” taxi and delivery services. You never more than 2 clicks away from your favorite soaps or take-away

With relatively easy visa requirements affordable pool villas, downsizing has never been easier or better value for a tropical lifestyle

For those working from home and considering dual homes. Whilst in home country the rental market in Hua Hin has never been stronger and income earned makes it an affordable reality to escape to warmer climes for extended stays but still keep one foot back home for work, family and friends.

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